God morning, Hello bloger, I am so sorry there is a very loooong time I do not write in this blog, but I miss write here. I think writing can make me a little bit relax xoxo.

Ok, I want to review what things I have done so far from January to end of February, but before that I want to say thanks God, you safe me a lot. Thank you very much for your guidance and your support to my soul. I am sorry until now there are so many mistaken I have in my life.


I do not know what things I have to say, but so far I remember that every difficulty might have an answer for the future. I do not know what is your plan god, but I believe you will prepare a good plan to me. I am a very optimistic whit that.    I know there are so many reasons why I have to think twice before I take every decision in my life, But god please give the best things for me, I will take every decision you give for me if it is best for me. In here I do not think about competition, I do not think about have much money, I just want to work as usual to give me more knowledge and lesson. I do want to grow up this company, I do want have a good work attitude and I want to work in safety ethic like before. But God, if there is no part in me to have an opportunity in here, please give me a better work and better environment.


Thank you so much god, so far Sanggar Juara has a sustainable team, I know there is so many things we have to make it better but now I just wanna say, thank you so much with your trust to us. So far we have been involve in 5 years ahead and we have more than 100 kakak asuh which would help to support Sanggar Juara. I don’t think about people who not believe me to persuade my dream but I believe and optimistic with that I will have good foundation and social entrepreneurship method for every marginalized children in the future. I hope this year we have a real legal foundation. Amin.


I want to apply myself to other scholarship opportunity in this year, I hope I will hear a good response in one of it. I hope my dream will be reality. Amin.


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